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Guided Travel to Turkey – Luxury or Back-to-the-Roots?

As IBE Travel customer, you are the one who chooses whether you want to enjoy your journey through Turkey in an extravagant luxurious atmosphere or rather simple travel setting. It is up to you to decide if you would like to see the seven hills of Istanbul and the Bosporus while soaring above them in a helicopter or if you prefer backpacking through the cities and landscapes.

Regardless of the kind of trip you envision, we have one unalterable goal: We want to create the right atmosphere. Some travelers want to reflect upon their lives. Some travelers simply want to relax and let their spirits roam free. Others, however, prefer to be active. No matter which type of traveler you are, we vow to create the perfect trip for your individual wishes.

Concerning accommodations we can offer you same variety of options: We cooperate with selected 5-Star hotels as well as with family owned, traditional hotels, which will delight you with their Turkish cuisine and 'being at-home' ambiance.

Educational and individual trips to Turkey with a thematic focus

Furthermore, IBE Travel gives you the opportunity to create your trip with a focus of your choice. This means that a theme will serve as a guideline for your entire stay in Turkey. Our selection of themes includes:

  • Ottomanic Cuisine
  • Istanbul's Art Scene
  • A Philosophical Exploration of the Bosporus
  • Architecture: Gates and Murals of ancient Istanbul
  • Biblical Journey through Anatolia
  • Workshop: Architectural Mosaics & Mosaic Workshop
  • Photography Workshops with professional Turkish Photographers
  • Traditional Turkish Architecture
  • Turkish Vineyards
  • Mountainbike Tours
  • Sailing Trips
  • Dervish & Philosophy
  • One of a kind underground Caves and fairy chimneys in Cappadokia

Individualized Trips to Turkey

You're looking for an individually arranged itinerary but would like to limit the time and effort spent planning such a trip? We at IBE Travel have years of experience in the field of Turkish Tourism. This allows us to choose from an array of Turkish Travel Agencies and to cooperate directly with local partners. Instead of reinventing the wheel, we have sat down with local Travel Agencies in order to put together interesting tours in a great variety of regions.

You may book these trips directly on our website. Thereby you may take advantage of our expertise, which will be helpful for the organization of your itinerary and during your actual trip. Our competence in planning and executing individualized trips in Turkey is based on our experience with the organization of a variety of Trips to Turkey and a great network in Turkey.

  • Lale - Tulpen aus der Türkei
    Lale - Tulpen aus der Türkei

  • Uchisar / Kappadokien
  • Troja

  • Zisterne von Ali Kabas
    Zisterne von Ali Kabas

  • Harran

  • Antakya

  • Beispiel Tür eines Pilgers
    Beispiel Tür eines Pilgers

  • Blume

  • Segeln in der Türkei
    Segeln in der Türkei

  • Mountainbiking in Kappadokien
    Mountainbiking in Kappadokien

  • Richmond Wellness Nua Spa
    Richmond Wellness Nua Spa

  • Bodrum Vita Park Golf Resort
    Bodrum Vita Park Golf Resort

  • Geüwrz-Basar

  • Galata Brücke
    Galata Brücke

  • Göbekli Tepe:ältester Tempel der Welt
    Göbekli Tepe:ältester Tempel der Welt

  • Traum

  • MTB European Champ. 07
    MTB European Champ. 07

  • Geürzbasar

  • Macahel

  • Mädchen

  • Bodrum

  • Kaffesatz lesen
    Kaffesatz lesen

  • contemporary

  • Antakya

  • Macahel

  • Istanbul

  • Mountainbike Kappadokien
    Mountainbike Kappadokien

  • Mardin

  • s

  • Mond-Gott

  • Cökelek

  • Blaureise mit Gulet in der Türkei
    Blaureise mit Gulet in der Türkei

  • Sümela

  • Türbe

  • Himm

  • Contemporary Istanbul: Bashir Borlokov, PILOT
    Contemporary Istanbul: Bashir Borlokov, PILOT

  • Burg von Sanliurfa
    Burg von Sanliurfa

Tailor made:Individual itinerary!

Eigene Reise Zusammenstellen


Natural Healing center in ANTALYA
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Duration   min 4 dyas. - can be combined with a golf vacation
Price  on demand
Detox On The Sea With The LifeCo
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Date  Individual arrangement
Duration   4 days or 1 week
Price  between 1.600 and 20.000 Euro
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