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Istanbul - birthplace of numerous legends.

Ever since its foundation a legendary place and finally a legend itself. For many the most magnificent city in the world.

The city, that has been built by Suleyman (Solomon) for the love of his life Alina and elated with his words "may she be flourishing till the end of the world".

Istanbul, that 2700 years ago has been founded under Byzantine ruling by the adventurers from Megera following an Delphian oracle saying it should be built "opposite of the land of the blind".

Istanbul, that has been built by the emperor Konstantin I. 1800 years ago on seven hills, on order to equal the Holy City of Rome.

Istanbul, that since 700 years has been Turkish and whose inhabitants use to call the "Worlds Eyeball", meaning that Istanbul for them is the most marvelous und desirable of all the cities.

The two continents Asia and Europe meet on its shores. Istanbul is city of the hills, minarets, monuments, esplanades, serials, islands and yalis ( typical Turkish Villas on the Bosporus riverside).

If you want to see Istanbul and bring the city the appropriate honor, one visit will definitely not be enough!

Indulge the incredible view on the Bosporus by night – you will be astonished by its beauty.

You won't be able to take off your eyes: from the ships gliding on the ocean and the little fishermen boats, the sea gulls that fight over Simit (Turkish Sesame rings), from the yalis white as milk, from the palaces which still present themselves in their ancient shine, from the "Girlstower", where once upon a time a beautiful princess used to live, and the bridges that connect the European continent with Asia.

Get on a ship and let it take you to the Princes-Islands in the Sea of Marmara. You will be overwhelmed by the calmness of sea, the rhythmic pitter-patter of the horse carriages, the glowing flowers in the yards of the villas, the scent of grilled fish.

Hereafter you will discover the Bosporus: Along the seaside there are yalis, in-between those villas you will see the ocean, historical buildings, trees some centenaries old…and when you choose to travel in May, you will be hugged by flourishing Judas-Trees.

Sights in Istanbul

If really want to get to know the old city, we recommend to take your time and plan at least a couple of days for the visit. For instance you could start with the Hippodrom or Sultanahmet, where the whole splendor of the Byzantine Empire is revealed. The Hagia Sophia on one side, the Blue Mosque on the other. 100 architects, 1000 master craftsmen and 10.000 workers constructed together the Hagia Sophia. She was built in 6 years out of construction materials that had to be shipped in from Egypt, Syria, Greece and Asia Minor. The legend says that the Emperor put his astonishment during the opening ceremony into the following words: "I praise God, that he gave me the opportunity to build such a beautiful church." Also it says, that the Emperor, after having recognized that this very church was even more magnificent than the temple built by Suleyman in Jerusalem, he cried out: "Suleyman, I outdid you!"

The Blue Mosque in front of the Hagia Sophia, with its 250 glittering windows, got its nema from the 21.000 incorporated blue Iznik-tiles. This architectonic masterpiece abducts you into another world!

But not enough: the Süleymaniye-Mosque, the Ortaköy-Mosque, the Beyazit-Mosque are still waiting for you…there are countless holy buildings in Istanbul worth seeing!

Near the Blue Mosque the Topkapi-Palace salutes you with its marvelous treasure chambers, centuries old planates, the Kasikci-Diamond and its abundant miniature paintings.

Next to the Topkapi many mundane buildings are to be visited: the Dolmabahçe-Palace, the Beylerbeyi-Palace, the Cistern…

Live, smell and taste Istanbul

The Bazaars in Istanbul are real paradises for shopping-lovers: the spice market, the big bazaar for golden jewelry and carpets…everyone will find something.

If you wish to relax after so many extraordinary experiences, it's time for a cup of tea in the Gülhane-Park. In case you would like to visit Istanbul in spring, you can enjoy your cup of tea in middle of an ocean of colorful tulips in the park of Yıldız, Fenerbahçe or Asivan. Or you can indulge Turkish coffee including the view of the Bosporus.

Art & Culture in Istanbul

Istanbul offers for the evening and the night just as much as for during the day. Whether it's music, theater or arts: from classic to modern you can choose from a wide range of offerings. A lot is being offered in the culinary way, too! You can have dinner either on the Bosporus "typical Turkish", meaning tasty fish and so called "lions milk" (Raki); or rather Italian, Mexican, cross-over international food… what we would recommend in any case, is that you don't forget to try Baklava as dessert after dinner.

Enjoy life in Istanbul

You want to burn those calories by dancing? Then check out the many nightclubs playing all different kinds of music. However, don't forget to plan the following day! The Golden Horn is worth visiting – with a short break in Eyüp – where Pierre Loti already enjoyed the beautiful view. Also, you should eat the Sariyer Börek (Turkish specialty), especially Lokma, and visit the St. Antuan Church, have some wine with friends in the Cezayir Street and in Bebek while watching the sea, try Badem Ezmesi (Turkish specialty), look into past centuries from the Galata-Tower and get lost in the alleys of the ancient city…

So just pack your things: the eternal city awaits you…

Tailor made:Individual itinerary!

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