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Now you can slim down 1 size in just 4 days with the world's latest ''Healthy Body Shaping Method''.

Hypoxi is a brand new fitness and vacuum therapy that helps you burn stubborn fat in your body using 4 types of equipment and special clothing. Hypoxi is a much more natural method compared to surgical weight loss alternatives. It is applied in combination with exercises and calorie reduced diets. Since Hypoxi is a program aimed only at eliminating fat, the absence of excess fat will not yield the desired slimming results! Localized fat in the body should first be evaluated by a Hypoxi expert, after which a personalized program is created.

Prior to your Hypoxi reservations, you will receive a client information form which needs to be filled out and sent back to the hotel to be evaluated by a Hypoxi expert. If the participant has health problems that preclude the undertaking of Hypoxi treatments, is over the indicated weight limits, or fits the criteria for the ''who cannot participate'' list, reservations will not be accepted. When reservations are taken, fish, chicken, or red meat preferences should be stated for the preparation of your diet.

Who Cannot Participate in the Hypoxi Program?

  • Persons under the age of 14 and over the age of 60
  • Women with a body weight of 115 kg and over
  • Men with a body weight of 120 kg and over
  • Expectant or nursing mothers*
  • Persons suffering from atherosclerosis or serious arterial diseases
  • Persons suffering from coronary heart disease or with a history of heart spasms
  • Cancer patients
  • Persons with inflammation in their bodies
  • Persons with infectious diseases
  • Persons suffering from severe fatigue
  • Persons suffering from severe pain**
  • Persons who have been on a strict diet during the past 1 month
  • Persons menstruating or are in the early stages of menopause
  • Guests who have participated in the Marathon Program need to wait at least 6 weeks before their next program participation.

*Only the gentle cycling S 120 and L 250 are allowed for use at least 8 weeks after a Cesarean section. Mothers are best advised to participate after they stop nursing.

**Persons with mild pain should first consult their physician to inquire whether gentle cycling is suitable for them.

What to Wear

When using the Hypoxi equipment, we recommend that the users wear long-legged, loose fitting and comfortable track-pants/pants; long-sleeved, loose fitting and comfortable t-shirts, knee-high socks, trainers/walking shoes, and soft underwear without embroidery, beading etc. Rings, necklaces, bracelets, anklets, belts, hair accessories other than elastic bands etc. must be removed before using Hypoxi equipment.

Diet Menu for Hypoxi Participants

The caloric content of the diet menus served in this program will not exceed 1000 calories per day. Menus will be prepared in accordance with the information you provide on the client information form. Below you will find an informational sample menu;


2 options

1st option: fruit plate

2nd option: breakfast plate; ample amount of sliced tomatoes and cucumbers, small piece of non-fat feta cheese, a slice of whole-wheat bread and herbal tea.


Light salad, small amount of low fat, no salt added rice or spaghetti, noodles, or rice stuffed zucchini.


Light salad, choice of chicken or fish.

Not to be Consumed During the Hypoxi Program

  • Steeped tea, coffee, green tea (Not allowed because of their caffeine content)
  • Chewing gum (Causes excess stomach acid)
  • Orange juice and similar juices (Fresh or bottled)
  • Carbonated and sugar-sweetened beverages
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Cigarettes (Smoking is not permitted 1 hour prior to and after Hypoxi exercises, only a limited amount is permitted at other times)

Permitted Treatments and Activities

Salt Jacuzzi, Jet Pool 117, Water Beds, Tepidarium, Laconium, treatments and massages that do not involve changes in temperature or heat, meditation. Taking short and light strolls around the hotel to get some fresh air is also highly recommended.

Prohibited Treatments and Activities

Steam rooms, sauna, hammam, Nuvola, Nua Spirit, Bio Sauna, heated balneotherapy, yoga, tennis and similar intensive/tiring activities. Guests participating in the Hypoxi Marathon should not be exposed to heat as it prevents fat from burning due to its exhausting effect and activation of sugar in the metabolism.

As it is necessary for the participants to have a calm, relaxed, and peaceful time during the program, keeping cell phones off is highly recommended. We suggest the participants to bring with them books and magazines to read, and DVD s to watch for their stay at the hotel.



By applying a combination of high and low pressure to the lower body region, Trainer S-120 accelerates the blood flow and promotes the transport of burnt fatty acids. It is both a therapy and training device fitted with a complex computer software and a fully adjustable training bike.

Benefits: Regulates cellular nutrition by burning fatty acids, and helps transport toxins and burnt fatty acids away from the region.


Specifically designed for those who do not favor hard training sessions, the

L-250's reclined position of cycling employs the forces of gravity and offer comfort during the training session.

Benefits: Slims from the hip down, shapes the legs. Improves the condition of veins with sudden shifts of pressure. Burns fatty acids with the help of gravity and dynamic pressure. Promotes the transport of tissue fluid.


Compression and vacuum therapy taken on a treadmill with the special vacunaut clothing that features integrated pressure chambers on the abdominal and hip regions. Applies pressure and a vacuum effect during the walk taken on the treadmill.

Benefits: Stimulates the problem areas with complex network of 122 integrated pressure chambers. Gradually activates fatty acids. With the application of dynamic high pressure, transports the fatty acids to the muscles. One of the healthiest forms of cardio supplemented with compression and vacuum therapy.


By applying alternating pressure on problem areas, accelerates the renewal of cells and helps the skin gain elasticity. The complex network of 400 integrated pressure chambers combines vacuum cupping with a compression massage.

Benefits: Firms the skin and connective tissues. Promotes the transport of tissue fluid and toxins. Accelerates the cellular metabolism. Increases cell activity and regeneration. Reduces the appearance of cellulite.

Tailor made:Individual itinerary!

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