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Our MTB competence

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IBE Travel and our Argeus MTB-team

Argeus organizes since about 25 years mountain-bike-trips through Turkey's breathtaking landscapes.

As an enterprise which senses trends by intuition, Argeus began in the 90s to import mountain bikes from Italy to Turkey. This is one of the many reasons why Argeus, with its work experience, can, from all the MTB agencies in Cappadocia, be considered as the shining star. But also the events and the team well-versed in technology are convincing:

  • 2007 Argeus, as the sponsor, was responsible for the professional organization of the European Mountain Bike Championships in Cappadocia.
  • Since 2008 Argeus organizes also the annual Tour of Turkey/Presidential Cycling Tour Tour of Turkey

The Team

Mehmet is a native Cappadocian and knowns all the streets and paths off the official routes in Cappadoccia like the back of his hand. Since 2000 he works as professional tour guide, with a certificate from the Turkish Ministry for Culture and Tourism, and shows travelers as well as bike riders this unique region. He has been member of the Argeus Team since 1994.

Kadir comes from Adana and lives since 5 years in Cappadoccia. Kadir is not only the helping hand on our bike routes and enthusiastic driver of the escort vehicle, but he works as mechanic for the Turkish MTB national team in the first place. He is reverentially being called by our colleagues as well as by our clients as Dr. Bike, since it seems that there is nothing that Dr. Bike wouldn't be able to patch up. In his spare time he is an ardent mountain biker himself and has already won numerous medals.

The technical support, that Dr. Bike brings about, is indispensable for a trouble-free course of our mountain bike trips. The escort vehicle follows the biking team in sight distance and will immediately be right on the spot, in case something unexpected happens. It transports all the replacement parts, as well as a spare wheel, so that no one has to be left on the side of the road just because of a small damage. This way, shortcomings can at once be remedied while the rest of team continues to follow the track. The escort vehicle will catch up quick. Ps.: these rules apply also in case the rider, not the bike, is feeling a little worn out.

Think it wise to inform yourself about natural circumstances as well as about the level of difficulty of the track before you start your journey. How many altimeter are to be climbed? How long will the route be?, etc. Usually, the tours of Cappadoccia start at 1000 altimeters. On the first day only short distances will be done, in order to precisely evaluate the fitness of the participants and thereafter to match the following stages. From the second day on, the speed will be heightened as the MTB like to do 35,5 or even 60km a day. On average each day we will climb about 800 m uphill.

The best time to do MTB tours is May, June, September and the first half of October. The temperature in these 4 months is about 30 degrees during daytime and 15 to 20 degrees in the night. Argeus has first class bikes for rent at its disposal (front suspension). Participants get the chance to purchase Argeus inner Tubes and tyres. Especially in September/October your inner tubes should be better slimed, since you will find a drought autumn and bushes with painful thorns.

Mountainbiking in Kappadokien

  • Kadir Erduru -Dr.Bike
    Kadir Erduru -Dr.Bike

  • Mehmet Nuri Özden
    Mehmet Nuri Özden

  • Technische Unterstützung
    Technische Unterstützung

  • Kultur und Biking
    Kultur und Biking

  • Dr.Bike

  • MTB 1
    MTB 1

  • MTB 2
    MTB 2

  • MTB 3
    MTB 3

  • MTB 4
    MTB 4

  • MTB 5
    MTB 5

  • MTB 6
    MTB 6

  • MTB 7
    MTB 7

Tailor made:Individual itinerary!

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